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Lexicomp is a premier Drug Information Service that empowers you to make the best possible evidence-based decision for each specific patient. It is a point of care tool which helps in taking right clinical decisions related to drugs in hospital setup. Unbiased and "pharma-free," meaning the in-depth information is not paid for or influenced by pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers. Lexicomp offers you a Mobile App along with online access which works offline too. Lexicomp updates its content and information on daily basis and all information provided is reference based.

Patient specific dosing information: Adult Hepatic Dosing

Meaningful, actionable hepatic dosing content has traditionally been a challenging area with limited literature. This gap has led pharmacists to being forced to make their best dosing estimations for patients and, often, the patient experiences ‘adverse drug reactions’ that can be preventable. Only Lexicomp is working at this level to fix the needs of clinicians and their patients suffering from cirrhosis.

Detailed drug dosing for vulnerable patients

Another area of dosing excellence is our expanded dosing content - Roughly 14% of adults have chronic kidney disease, and 22% of hospitalized patients will develop an acute kidney injury while in the hospital. This increase in renally impaired patients only presents more challenge and work for clinicians. Only Lexicomp provides renal dosing adjustments for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and Prolonged Intermittent Renal Replacement Therapy. We are planning to build out enhanced renal dosing content to another 400 drug monographs.

Enhanced Adverse Drug Reaction content brings the most critical information

Adverse drug reactions (ADR) can be dangerous, and clinicians need to rule out the most dangerous possible reactions quickly. We are changing how ADR content is presented and ultimately managed, to reduce time to decision and to treating patients. Our approach to handling patients presenting with possible ADR saves clinicians’ time and gets patients treated for possibly dangerous conditions, faster.

Improving Patient Safety with IV Drug Compatibility

Redesigning the Trissel’s IV Compatibility tool was a major design initiative. IV drugs are complex in nature and can have higher risk of unwanted reactions and/or intended drug therapy outcomes. The Lexicomp Trissel’s IV Compatibility user experience improves search capabilities, provides options for viewing drug compatibility results, and delivers a superior presentation of single drug compatibility. In addition, Lexicomp is much faster at updating and enhancing content than other solutions who started with the same version of Trissel’s.

Adapting to local needs: An additional 500,000+ international drug brand names

In 2023, we’re adding more than 500,000 international drug brand names to your subscription at NO ADDITIONAL COST . And for pharmacists, we’re adding more than 700 inline references which will both improve the visibility of the original literature and provide a much easier pathway to accessing the original

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