Welcome To Infokart India Pvt Ltd

Infokart India has diversified its offerings and established significant partnerships and in-house software development capabilities. Here's a summary of the key aspects:

Publisher Partnerships: Infokart India has successfully partnered with renowned publishers for a wide range of knowledge resources, including print journals, online journals, eBooks, and databases. These collaborations ensure that customers have access to top-quality, peer-reviewed content from respected sources.

Comprehensive Knowledge Resources: With a diverse portfolio of print and digital content, Infokart India caters to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, and professionals. This comprehensive approach to knowledge access supports academic excellence and research advancement.

In-House Software Development: Infokart India's in-house software development team is a testament to its commitment to innovation. Developing proprietary products like CheckForPlag Anti-Plagiarism Software, MyPharmarex, MyCalPharm which is the upcoming animal simulation software demonstrates a dedication to creating tools that enhance education and research.

CheckForPlag Anti-Plagiarism Software: CheckForPlag is a valuable tool for academic institutions and researchers to maintain academic integrity by detecting and preventing plagiarism in research papers, theses, and academic writing.

MyPharmarex: MyPharmarex is a cloud platform designed specifically for monitoring and documenting the activities of pharmD students. This platform can streamline educational processes and provide insights into student progress.

MyCalPharm: The mention of MyCalPharm is the most upcoming Animal Simulation Software. The animal simulation software is poised to address the need for effective and ethical teaching tools in pharmaceutical education, particularly in cases where dissection may not be preferred. The package is user friendly, highly interactive and full of animated sequences which make simulation appear realistic.

Infokart India's diverse portfolio of services and products, coupled with its dedication to the educational and research communities, positions the company as a dynamic and innovative player in the knowledge and software development sectors. This comprehensive approach contributes to academic and research excellence while ensuring that institutions and individuals have access to the resources and tools they need to succeed.

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Our Vision And Mission

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    Our Vision:

    “To serve customers, To Enhance Relationships with publishers and customers, To Develop world class digital solutions to disseminate information in best possible manner”

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    Our Mission:

    “We strive to develop world class digital solutions to add value to the information resources through infusion of technology, innovation, leadership and partnership.”

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    Our Values:

    “Our values are part of our DNA. We have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well. This is at the core of our ambition to build a company known for its consistent, high quality customer service”